Parkwood Clinic was established by hair loss sufferers whose main aim was to give honest helpful advice and make hair loss treatments affordable to everyone.

One of the main reasons for this is unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information about hair loss from companies that are just interested in your money and not actually helping stop the actual problem.

Our Parkwood Promise is that we only ever recommend a procedure or product that we feel is beneficial to that particular patient.

We are the ONLY hair loss clinic who DO NOT sell shampoos as quite simply they cannot stop hair loss and are a waste of money.

We are also the only Clinic to give 90 % discount on our in house hair laser treatment, as this gives patients the chance to try and see if this procedure can be helpful to them, as most clinic’s will demand at least £1500.00 up front with false promises.

The Laser treatment does not work for everybody and we will only recommend it to a patient if they have a very good chance of it being successful, however if you do not achieve the desired result we will supply you with an alternative treatment free of charge.

If hair transplantation is the best procedure for you we are the only clinic to give you a free hair laser programme with it. This is part of one of our exclusive packages sometimes after having a transplant the cranial hair can carry on thinning but laser can help to prevent this. Sadly most clinic’s will not inform you of this but we at Parkwood clinic are completely honest with our customers as to the results they can achieve.

Even if you just want some friendly advice please call, email or even have an online consultation so you can get a full evaluation of your own personal situation without leaving your own home.

We understand that sometimes coming and talking to someone can sometimes be daunting and this is what normally prevents most people from seeking help about their hair loss.

Here at Parkwood clinic we are here to help. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm regards

The Parkwood Clinic team

On-Line Consultation